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Don’t Let These Green Cleaning Myths Hold Your Organization Back!

Don’t Let These Green Cleaning Myths Hold Your Organization Back! Did you know that Green Cleaning is becoming increasingly important for businesses wanting to maintain a competitive advantage? Consumers want to do business with organizations that care about the environment, and employees want to work for businesses that are as passionate about their people as they are about their profits. But even though implementing a Green Cleaning program offers significant benefits, a few common misconceptions prevent some organizations – maybe even yours! – from taking action. Here are five myths about green products, and the truths that dispel them. Myth 1: Green Cleaning products aren't as effective as traditional cleaning products. Fact: Although some have questioned whether or not green products really work, the truth is that effectiveness is one of the requirements of third party certification (such as EcoLogo and Green Seal.) Also, green cleaners have become a very significant product line for many manufacturers, and their effectiveness is vital to the market share of the companies that produce them. Myth 2: Green products have not been around for very long and therefore have not been tested enough.

Fact: Many Green Cleaning products have been tested and marketed for over two decades. Also, some certification organizations (such as Green Seal) have been certifying green products for over 20 years. Certification helps assure that green products meet a minimum set of standards and are thoroughly tested.

Myth 3: Not many cleaning manufacturers make green products.

Fact: Almost all cleaning-product manufacturers have highly competitive green product lines.

Myth 4: Green products cost more.

Fact: At one point, companies who sold green products charged more for them. But in today's competitive market, Green Cleaning products typically cost no more than their conventional counterparts. And when the cost of health issues from traditional chemicals is factored into the equation, green products actually save money for organizations that use them. Furthermore, with sustainable cleaning practices (such as reducing the number of cleaning products used in a facility,) cleaning costs are reduced even more. Myth 5: Organizations that start a Green Cleaning program need to immediately throw out all their current chemicals and replace them with green cleaners.

Fact: Many organizations implement a smooth transition from their current products to green ones, replacing the highest-toxicity chemicals first and then gradually switching out the others.


Implementing a Green Cleaning program doesn’t have to be a difficult process, and it can boost your organization’s reputation and competitive edge. Because green products are effective, tested, and no more expensive than traditional products, your organization can feel confident about taking action.

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