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Our Team

Damir Ivancic -

Welcome to Cleanslate Sanitary Supplies. I started Cleanslate after several years of seeing a decline in customer service. I felt that the industry turned into "what is the client doing for us" and not "what can we help the customer with and how can this be a benefit for them to partner with us".
I strongly believe in customer service which enables us to help our customers achieve greater success in their business. All our staff are trained with a specific goal in mind; to enhance their skills and relationships to achieve the best in customer service and satisfaction.
Our personal and professional philosophy is being more "Green" and working towards environmental sustainability and health, as this is what we hope to provide not only for our family but also the community at large for the future. To change the world, it starts with small steps from a few people. We are continually striving to better ourselves and our relationships.
On a more personal note, My family and I enjoy doing many things together and cannot wait for the camping season to start as we all love the outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is spend time on the lake fishing. When we are lucky enough to get some extra time, we like to travel to Europe and take in the sites
While I do enjoy my time with my family, I also enjoy my profession, the industry and the opportunity to grow my business.
Cleanslate and myself would like you to be part of our extended family. We would like to invite you to grow with us.

DOn ingram.jpeg
Don Ingram -

My focus at at Cleanslate is on customers and service. I look after all installs and equipment servicing and scheduling. I have been in the customer service industry almost my entire life. I work with all of our clients and do installs of dispensers and equipment and help new facilities get off the ground. I also set up order forms and help with training of order forms for email as well as online ordering. I am usually involved from the beginning stages right through to training and opening of client sites. On a personal note, I love to play darts and am also in a dart league. When i am not doing this, i enjoy live theatre and getting out to fish when time allows.

Terry Greenwell
My focus at Cleanslate has all been about customer service. I feel that this is an area that all business could improve on. I truly believe that many industries have forgotten about this over the years. I have been in the industry for over thirty years, twenty one of which I owned my own successful contract cleaning company.  I love being on the other side, in sales and working with clients to solve their problems, concerns and provide advice and training for their cleaning issues so that they may provide the best services to their clients. I pride myself on trying to take facilities to a green and environmentally safe way of cleaning. I love getting out there doing deliveries and keeping it hands on and working one on one with my customers.
Anita Romac -

My main focus has been customer service. I believe that customer service has been lost for some time and i find this is an area that all businesses should improve on. I look after everything from accounts payables and receivables to contracts, special orders, Customer relations and order scheduling. I have been in the industry for almost 10 years now and have learned so much over this time. I have been trained on not only the products that we carry but also the cleaning procedures, environmental services and training programs related to the facilities themselves. I love to del with our clients and help them through any struggles they may have. I have been told that our clients love to deal with me an this makes me happy as it means that i am not only doing my job but it leaves me with a sense pride and accomplishment. I enjoy many things on my time off but nothing makes me feel as good as spending as much time outdoors as possible which I get to do on my hikes. When time allows for it, I also like to travel back to Europe to visit my friends and family.

Carol Maines -

The first person you will usually see once you walk through the doors at Cleanslate will be Carol. Carol is the newest addition to Cleanslate and she has fit right in.. Carol has only been with Cleanslate for a short period of time but she has come from facilities that our within our industry. Carol is our customer service representative and when you speak with Carol you will see exactly why, she is very pleasant and polite and very easy to talk with. She does everything from answering the phones, customer service, order taking and entry, help with pulling of orders and even scheduling deliveries. Our industry has many different areas that we look after and everyday we learn more and more about products and equipment that affect our jobs. Carol is very involved in making sure she stays on top of the new products and training so that she can help in the best ways possible. In her spare time, Carol likes spending time with family and when the weather calls for it, you can be sure she is getting as much time in at the lake as possible.

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