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3 Reasons to Consider Daylight Cleaning

Three Reasons To Consider a Day Cleaning Program The typical janitorial model of cleaning a facility at night seems logical at first thought. After all –there are fewer employees occupying hallways and offices at night, thereby giving janitorial staff more room for cleaning, right?

While it’s true that nighttime cleaning reduces interruptions associated with daytime employees, there are many advantages to implementing a day cleaning program at your facility. Consider the following: 1. Energy Savings Nighttime cleaning can be expensive! The lights need to stay on, as does heating and air conditioning. A facility’s electricity bill can be significantly reduced by eliminating the need for janitorial staff to remain in the building into the nighttime hours. Switching to day cleaning can enable cleaning companies to prove their value more easily to their clients. 2. Faster Response Time While daily tasks like vacuuming, dusting and polishing can easily wait until evening, high traffic areas greatly benefit from immediate attention. With a janitorial staff present during the day, restrooms can receive attention before stubborn odors form and supplies run out. Also, a facility’s lobby can look clean and tidy up until the very last minute of the company’s business hours. 3. Reduction in Complaints Day cleaning tends to form closer relationships between the cleaning staff and the facility’s occupants. Office employees and janitorial staff interact frequently and, in the best-case scenario, they get to know each other. This encourages office employees to bring any cleaning-related issues directly to a janitor rather than complaining to management.

Thinking of Switching to Day Cleaning? Hire Carefully!

If you’re thinking of implementing a day cleaning program, keep in mind that you need to employ top-notch workers who can interact well with other staff. While it may be possible to simply transfer your night staff to daytime schedules, remember that day cleaning isn’t for every worker. Besides being skilled at their job duties, your staff should be able to interact well with employees from every department of the facility’s business. Your staff should therefore be courteous, and preferably well groomed. Since they’ll be observed more in the day than they would be at night, their supply carts should also look as neat and organized as possible. In a nutshell, your employees should be the types of people who take pride in their work! Lastly, your day cleaning staff should also be conscientious enough to watch for anything that could pose a health threat in their facility. It will be important for them to keep a vigilant eye on slip-and-fall hazards, equipment parts, and chemical risks. They’ll need to be reminded that the building’s occupants most likely will not be aware of such hazards, so the responsibility is on the cleaning department.

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