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Our Expertise

We specialize in helping our customers improve their market positioning and cost reduction objectives. We do this by improving health and safety, indoor air quality, and regulatory compliance issues while reducing the enviromental impact on our planet. Working to provide you with a triple bottomline business approach.
Product Training

Educated and knowledable staff improve cleaing results and reduce operational expenses. We provide training in these specific task oriented categories.

  • Floor Care

  • Carpet Care

  • Equipment Care

  • Restroom Care

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Disinfection Control

  • Health & Safety

  • WHMIS Training

Health and Safety

Cleanslate specializes in identifying potential areas of risk to your employees, customers, and suppliers. A complimentary analysis of your facilty and potential risks to your organization is what differentiate us and from our competitors. We review all operational practices and make recommendation to reduce chemical exposure, ergonomic issues, and health and safety improvements.


Green Building Certification

Is your facility looking for LEED certification? Are you looking to reduce the environmental impact that your facility has on employees, customers, and your bottomline? We can certify your facility according to third party Canadian standards. Cleanslate can assist you in improving your market positioning while directly reducing operational expenses and improve effeciences.

Planned Maintenance

Cleaning equipment is a major investment for any organization and downtime due to your investment running poorly directly impacts cleaning efficiences and productivity. A planned maintenance program can ensure that your equipment in maximizing its return on investment while reducing the expense of major repair costs..

Green Employee Certifcation

Cleanslate can certify your employees with green housekeeping certifcation. This certification not only provides them with the education and knoweldge to reduce or eliminate health and safety concerns, but also provides your organization with a point of difference in the marketplace and a competitive advantage.

Enviromental Committment

Cleanslate is committed to our environment. We always partner ourselves with companies that believe in the protection of our planet. We analyse the cradel to grave process within our supply chain to reduce the raw materials and the environmental impact on shipping and receiveing our inventory. We align with responsible suppliers and together we reduce, reuse, and recycle to minimize our carbon footprint.

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