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Three Ways Green Cleaning Boosts Business Performance

It's no secret that a Green Cleaning program helps an organization operate responsibly toward the environment. Green products are more sustainable and reduce harmful environmental effects. They're also usually available in concentrated formulas, which limit packaging and waste while also reducing the amount of fuel needed to transport products. Besides cleaning chemicals, Green Cleaning equipment and materials also help reduce environmental harm. Examples include paper towels made with unbleached recycled content, and vacuum cleaners that remove higher percentages of particulates than traditional vacuums.Although Green Cleaning's impact on the environment is obvious, the positive impacts it has on an organization's bottom line aren't quite as well-known. Here are three examples of how thinking green can significantly boost business performance.1. Enhanced Employee ProductivityAccording to the EPA, indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. Chemicals, particles and pollutants in a facility's air can cause headaches and health problems, which lead to employee absenteeism and reduced employee productivity levels. In schools, poor air quality increases asthma attacks that lead to student absences, and teachers also become ill from breathing mold and particles.Green Cleaning programs incorporate chemicals that are better for the environment and for human health. This use of green products improves air quality, heightens morale, and boosts employee/student/teacher productivity. Higher productivity, of course, results in better bottom-line performance for any business or organization.2. Better RecruitingBesides boosting the productivity of existing employees, environmentally-friendly companies also enjoy significant advantages when recruiting new employees. While factors such as salary, employee benefits and vacation time are important to today's workforce, they're by no means the only things that matter. Potential employees also evaluate an organization based on its treatment of its people and whether it provides a favorable, healthy work environment. A company's focus on sustainability and its willingness to implement a Green Cleaning program goes a very long way in its ability to recruit the best of the best.3. Improved Public ImageMore and more, the companies and brands that customers associate with become reflections of who customers are as people. And today's environmentally-conscious consumers love associating with responsible companies who care about their people and the environment as much as they care about their profits.In this era of putting high value on sustainability, customers give more of their loyalty and hard-earned money to companies known for their passionate stance on environmental responsibility. Implementing a Green Cleaning program is a clear signal to the public that “this organization cares!” The result of such a positive environmental action is often an improved public image that leads to a significant competitive advantage.-------------An organization is only as good as its people. Without productive employees or the ability to recruit excellent people, business performance slumps. Equally damaging is an unfavorable reputation.Smart businesses know that thinking green makes good business sense. In fact, implementing a Green Cleaning program can be as good for a business' success as it is for the environment.

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