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Cleanslate Janitorial Supplies

Our Team

Collectively we have over 50 years of industry experience with each member of our team being either a Certified Green Housekeeping Professional (CGHP)or a Certified Expert Sustainabilty Professional ( ESP). Accreditated by the Canadian Sanitary Supply Association. We specialize in improving the health and safety of our customers business through our complimentary analysis of regualtory compliance processes and provide education and training on Workplace hazard Materials systems, and much more



At Cleanslate we're committed to improving the indoor air quality of our customer facililty while reducing the impact this has on human health. We specialize in reducing the risk facilites are exposed to from all aspect of the 3 pillars of sustainabilty.


  • Improving Peoples Lives

  • Reducing the impact on the Planet

  • Maximizing Profits for our Customers

The Clean Vine
Connect with Us

We Strive to deliver the best in high value, lower- cost products.




Fax: 403-453-1410


121-5305 McCall Way NE

Calgary, Alberta





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Our Expertise
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